Splitting the words in a TitleCase string without using regular expressions (for VBA)

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Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in MS Access, I needed to convert TitleCase to lower\_case, but did not have the regex enqine that's available in VB Script. This solution, based on a simple state machine model, splits the words in the string (converting to lower-case is trivial after that). It treats a block of upper-case letters as a single word, but the last letter of that block is the first letter of the next word; e.g., "VBAIsLame" becomes "VBA Is Lame". Because of this behaviour, if you subsequently convert to lower-case, you cannot reliably convert back to the original (all-upper-case words are indistinguishable from title-case words). To resolve this potential ambiguity, you can supply an "upper\_case\_indicator" that will be inserted before each capital letter that isn't the start of a word. So `TitleCaseSplit("VBAIsLame", "_", "-")` returns "V-B-A\_Is\_Lame".

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