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Nuke flicker node

 / Published in: TCL

This node gives a flickering effect with parameters that allow you to control the flicker style

  1. Multiply {
  2. value {{maxVal-(random(frame*freqVal)*(maxVal-minVal)) i}}
  3. name Multiply4
  4. label "FLICKER NODE"
  5. selected true
  6. xpos -590
  7. ypos -736
  8. addUserKnob {20 User}
  9. addUserKnob {7 minVal l "Minimum Value"}
  10. minVal 0.4
  11. addUserKnob {7 maxVal l "Maximum Value"}
  12. maxVal 1
  13. addUserKnob {7 freqVal l Frequency}
  14. freqVal 0.6
  15. }

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