Oracle SQL - get a list of most recent user logins

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Query to find the most recent logins for a particular user ( find 1 years worth )

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  1. SELECT fl.login_id, fl.start_time, fl.end_time,, fl.spid, fl.terminal_id, fl.login_name, fl.session_number, fl.submitted_login_id, fl.serial#, fl.process_spid, fl.login_type,
  2. fuv.user_name, fuv.description
  3. FROM FND_LOGINS fl, apps_fnd.fnd_user_v fuv
  4. WHERE
  5. fl.user_id = fuv.user_id
  6. AND fuv.user_name = :P_USER_NAME
  7. AND fl.start_time > (sysdate - 365)
  8. ORDER BY fl.start_time DESC

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