AS3 Convert TextField LineBreaks to CRLF for Display as Plain Text (Notepad) on Windows

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Linebreaks differ between Flash TextField and a plain text file like Notepad. In this example we convert the html linebreaks in Flash to \r\n

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  1. var originalStr:String = "<p>Each<br>word<br>should<br>be<br>on<br>a<br>new<br>line.</p><p>\tThis line should be tabbed.</p><p>But this line shouldn't be tabbed.</p><p><li>Bullet points don't work though</li><li>Bullet points don't work though</li><li>Bullet points don't work though</li></p><p>Paste into Notepad to view the results!</p>";
  3. var textfieldStr:String = unescape(originalStr);
  5. var tf:TextField = new TextField();
  6. tf.multiline = true;
  7. tf.width = stage.stageWidth;
  8. tf.height = stage.stageHeight;
  9. addChild(tf);
  10. tf.htmlText = textfieldStr;
  12. var clipboardForNotepadStr:String = unescape(tf.text.replace(/\r/g, '
  13. '));
  14. System.setClipboard(clipboardForNotepadStr);

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