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file buffer name emacs titlebar frame-title-format

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Titlebar customization, file name displaying

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By default, Emacs displays on the titlebar (I mean GUI Emacs) [email protected] There is a way to modify this, using (setq frame-title-format "my title").

How to display [email protected]: ~/dir/file (or buffer name in case of e.i. scratch)? Add it to your .emacs:

  1. (add-hook 'window-configuration-change-hook
  2. (lambda ()
  3. (setq frame-title-format
  4. (concat
  5. invocation-name "@" system-name ": "
  6. (replace-regexp-in-string
  7. (concat "/home/" user-login-name) "~"
  8. (or buffer-file-name "%b"))))))

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