Setting up project development environment

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Save to your folder(s)

Created a new folder (e.g. project) in your local host root folder (c:/xampp/htdocs or /var/www/)

Check out the following source code from subversion into this **new folder**


* * *

After checking out, you should able to find all project files in the folder

Located a database backup file inside the folder called "**db.sql**"

Login mysql as root (or through phpmyadmin) and **import** this backup file.

You should able to find a new database called "**project**" in mysql.

* * *

Visit local server check if everything works:


If cakephp shows no error, you can start working on files in this folder.

Otherwise, fix any errors occurs and try again (database setting should be root/ilove470, if you use a different one, please *change it back or exclude the config file before you commit*)

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