Oracle - Find which users have FND Diagnostic profile value set

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A slight adaptation on the sql in the Oracle Forum

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  1. SELECT fp.level_id, fp.level_value, fp.profile_option_value,
  2. fu.description
  3. ,user_profile_option_name, fpo.profile_option_name
  4. FROM fnd_profile_options_vl fpo
  5. ,fnd_profile_option_values fp
  6. ,fnd_user fu
  7. WHERE fpo.APPLICATION_ID = fp.application_id
  8. AND fpo.PROFILE_OPTION_ID = fp.profile_option_id
  9. AND fu.user_id = fp.last_updated_by
  10. --and fpo.profile_option_name = 'AFLOG_ENABLED'
  11. AND fpo.user_profile_option_name = 'FND: Debug Log Enabled';


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