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db_query PHP function for ddbb queries with ADOdb Library (INSERT queries)

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A PHP function to get a Record Set using ADOdb Library.

It takes the (SQL) query as an argument. For INSERT queries. NOTE: A call for a query.

It also need next variables: $dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpasswd,$dbname (data from de bbdd connexion). Can be declared in the document itself.

It returns the Record Set.

It needs the ADOdb Library for php.

  1. function db_insert($sql){
  2. global $db_host,$db_user,$db_passwd,$db_name;
  3. $conn=ADONewConnection('mysql'); //Instancia de ADODB para proveedor MySQL
  4. $conn->Connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_passwd,$db_name) ; // Connexion a MySQL
  5. $result=$conn->Execute("SET NAMES UTF8 ;");
  6. $rs=$conn->Execute($sql); // Ejecutar SQL y devuelve un ADORecordSet
  7. $ID=$conn->Insert_ID(); //Retorna el ID del registro insertado
  8. $conn->Close();
  9. return $ID;
  10. }

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