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This example shows how to release artifacts into Artifactory by using Buildr, the origin of this code is

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  1. module URI
  2. class HTTP
  3. protected
  4. def write_internal(options, &block)
  5. puts "Uploading to #{self}" if Rake.application.options.trace
  6. Net::HTTP.start(host, port) do |http|
  8. req.basic_auth user, password unless user.nil?
  9. request_data=""
  10. while chunk = yield(32*4096)
  11. request_data+=chunk
  12. end
  14. resp, response_data=http.request(req, request_data)
  15. unless resp.is_a?(Net::HTTPOK)
  16. fail "Server returned failing response for upload to
  17. #{self}: #{resp}\n#{response_data}"
  18. end
  19. end#def write_internal
  21. end
  22. end
  23. end

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