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I often find something like this lurking at the end of my base templates - it'll show you which queries were run while generating the current page, but they'll start out hidden so as not to be a pain.

Of course, before this works, you'll need to satisfy all the criteria for getting debug information in your template context:

1. Have 'django.core.context_processors.debug' in your TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS setting (it was there in the default settings, last time I checked).
2. Have your current IP in your INTERNAL_IPS setting.
3. Use RequestContext when rendering the current template (if you're using a generic view, you're already using RequestContext).

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  1. {% if debug %}
  2. Queries
  4. {{ sql_queries|length }} Quer{{ sql_queries|pluralize:"y,ies" }} {% ifnotequal sql_queries|length 0 %} (Show) {% endifnotequal %}
  5. {% for query in sql_queries %}{% endfor %}
  6. # SQL Time
  7. {{ forloop.counter }} {{ query.sql|escape }} {{ query.time }}
  8. {% endif %}

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