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Oracle - Find all responsibilities and concurrent program names based on the executable Name

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  1. SELECT --r.rowid rrowid,p.rowid prowid,e.rowid erowid,fcp.rowid frowid,
  2. e.executable_name,responsibility_key,user_concurrent_program_name
  3. FROM fnd_responsibility r,
  4. fnd_concurrent_programs_tl p,
  5. fnd_request_group_units u,
  6. fnd_executables e,
  7. fnd_concurrent_programs fcp
  8. WHERE r.request_group_id=u.request_group_id
  9. AND u.request_unit_id = p.concurrent_program_id
  10. --and executable_name like '%SEARCH EXECUTABLE PATTERN%'
  11. AND fcp.executable_id = e.executable_id
  12. AND user_concurrent_program_name LIKE '%SEARCH PATTERN%'
  13. AND fcp.concurrent_program_id = p.concurrent_program_id

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