Parallels bridged networking with Ubuntu Server

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If Ubuntu Server fails to resolve hostnames or find a network connection via Parallels 3 bridged networking, it may be attempting to use the wrong network interface.

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  1. # what interfaces are supposed to be used?
  2. cat /etc/network/interfaces
  4. # what interfaces are actually in use?
  5. ifconfig
  7. # mine showed only 'lo' (local loopback) in use,
  8. # but eth0 was supposed to auto-init too.
  9. # so let's see what's happening when eth0 is attempted
  10. sudo ifdown -a
  11. sudo ifup -a
  13. # voila! there is no such interface
  14. # edit the /etc/network/interfaces references to 'eth0' to 'eth1'
  16. # then re-init...
  17. sudo ifdown -a
  18. sudo ifup -a
  20. # re-confirm the new interface is now in use
  21. ifconfig

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