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lists enumerate enumi

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Numerating lists with letters

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  1. \renewcommand{\labelenumi}{\alph{enumi}.}

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Posted By: milese on September 20, 2009

This probably isn't quite what you want. \labelenumi determines what symbols appear next to the items in the list, but it doesn't determine how the list is numbered in general---using this, if you refer to your list items with \theenumi or \label{} and \ref{}, you will still get the default setting (probably Arabic numerals). Instead, try redefining \theenumi :


It is useful to redefine \labelenumi if you want to change aspects of the labelling without changing the numbering system---for instance, if you want to get 1), 2), 3) . . . instead of 1., 2., 3.. But then it's probably best to redefine it in terms of \theenumi (\renewcommand{\labelenumi}{\theenumi)}, for instance), so that if you change your mind about the numbering system later, everything will change consistantly without extra effort.

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