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php recursive function chmod

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Recursive chmod in PHP

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A small function I made to chmod directories and files recursively, with different permissions.

  1. <?
  2. /**
  3.   Chmods files and folders with different permissions.
  5.   This is an all-PHP alternative to using: \n
  6.   <tt>exec("find ".$path." -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;");</tt> \n
  7.   <tt>exec("find ".$path." -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;");</tt>
  9.   @author Jeppe Toustrup (tenzer at tenzer dot dk)
  10.   @param $path An either relative or absolute path to a file or directory
  11.   which should be processed.
  12.   @param $filePerm The permissions any found files should get.
  13.   @param $dirPerm The permissions any found folder should get.
  14.   @return Returns TRUE if the path if found and FALSE if not.
  15.   @warning The permission levels has to be entered in octal format, which
  16.   normally means adding a zero ("0") in front of the permission level. \n
  17.   More info at:
  18.   */
  20. function recursiveChmod ($path, $filePerm=0644, $dirPerm=0755) {
  21. // Check if the path exists
  22. if (!file_exists($path)) {
  23. return(false);
  24. }
  26. // See whether this is a file
  27. if (is_file($path)) {
  28. // Chmod the file with our given filepermissions
  29. chmod($path, $filePerm);
  31. // If this is a directory...
  32. } elseif (is_dir($path)) {
  33. // Then get an array of the contents
  34. $foldersAndFiles = scandir($path);
  36. // Remove "." and ".." from the list
  37. $entries = array_slice($foldersAndFiles, 2);
  39. // Parse every result...
  40. foreach ($entries as $entry) {
  41. // And call this function again recursively, with the same permissions
  42. recursiveChmod($path."/".$entry, $filePerm, $dirPerm);
  43. }
  45. // When we are done with the contents of the directory, we chmod the directory itself
  46. chmod($path, $dirPerm);
  47. }
  49. // Everything seemed to work out well, return true
  50. return(true);
  51. }
  52. ?>

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Posted By: aslamonline on June 5, 2009

Doesn't work.

Posted By: franck_ on March 12, 2011

It works perfectly, thanks ! Simple + Clean.

Posted By: punegas on July 14, 2011


Posted By: madc on November 6, 2011

It works, if the script is allowed to read the content of a directory. If not, it can not read and therefor change the permissions of a file/dir in it. I solved the problem by moving chmod before scandir (see Also, I cleaned the snippet up a little bit.

so long. /m

Posted By: chrishattery on May 28, 2014

Worked great for me. Thanks!

Posted By: erm3nda on July 11, 2014

Hi !!

Your file is a perfect solution for a Prestashop that has a chmod fail setup. I'd added it to Prestashop forum on same thread than the shell solution. Some of people (me as example) have some host that doesn't allow exec functions, and no ssh.

Adding the function on the file itself we can add it to our Prestashop packages and run it by default as a patch :D

Also, another trick is to use shell capabilites from Cron, if enabled, but im not sure.


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