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  1. Need to make sure a variable exists in Coldfusion? Use one of the options below to first check for a value passed from the server/form/whatever. If none is sent, for any reason whatsoever (var error, db error, net hiccup etc...), this code will ensure you still have a variable with a valid defaulted value to ensure 1 problem doesn't become 2.
  4. <!--- Example of Coldfusion's IsDefined Function --->
  6. <!--- This first way is probably easer to understand to newer programmers or people coming from other languages to CF. --->
  8. <!--- Check if the form sent in a value, and if it didn't, then manually set it. Nothing too mindblowing huge here. --->
  10. <cfif isDefined("Form.firstname")>
  11. <cfoutput>Hello, #Form.firstname#!</cfoutput>
  12. <cfelse>
  13. <cfoutput>Hello, stranger!</cfoutput>
  14. </cfif>
  16. <!--- Example of Coldfusions <cfparam> tag used instead --->
  18. <!--- Using cfparam tag is evern easier, less code & more the
  19. technically right way do this in CF (maybe?... lol ) ) --->
  21. <cfparam name="Form.firstname" default="stranger">
  22. <cfoutput>Hello, #Form.firstname#!</cfoutput>
  25. One clean, little, and simple to remember Coldfusion tag replaces a "CFIF" conditional process & all the declararative code you'd need to set those values by hand.This is a pretty small example, but the implications are pretty apparent if you had to check maybe 20 variables etc.


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