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Found that the webmonkey tutorial code didn't work as double quotes were used around JSON string.

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  1. <script type="text/javascript">
  2. var moviereviewtext = '{"title": "Friday the 13th", "year": 1980, "reviews": [{"reviewer": "Pam", "stars": 3, "text": "Pretty good, but could have used more Jason"}, {"reviewer": "Alice", "stars": 4, "text": "The end was good, but a little unsettling"}]}';
  3. var jsonobj = eval("(" + moviereviewtext + ")");
  4. var reviewername =[0].reviewer;
  5. var numberstars =[0].stars;
  6. var reviewerthoughts =[0].text;
  7. alert(reviewerthoughts);
  8. </script>


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