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  1. .ClearFix:after{
  2. content:".";
  3. display:block;
  4. height:0;
  5. clear:both;
  6. visibility:hidden;
  7. }
  9. /* WinIE7 only */
  10. *:first-child+html .ClearFix{
  11. height:1%;
  12. }
  14. /* WinIE6 and below */
  15. /*Â¥*/
  16. * html .ClearFix{
  17. height:1%;
  18. }
  19. /**/
  21. /* MacIE only */
  22. /*Â¥*//*/
  23. .ClearFix{
  24. display:inline-table;
  25. }
  26. /**/

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Posted By: shapeshifta on March 27, 2010

MacIE ... lol :) is anyone still using it?

it's better to use /sets hasLayout/ * html .clearfix, +html .clearfix {display:inline-block;} /hasLayout still set*/ * html .clearfix, *+html .clearfix {display:block;}

Works perfect! ;)

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Posted By: alizabed on September 27, 2010

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