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/ Published in: ActionScript 3
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Adobe AIR offers an ability to save small snippets of data locally (eg. users' settings). Works also on Android. EncryptedLocalStore is stored encrypted using AES-CBC 128-bit method. It is not recommended to store more than 10 MB of data because of reading/decrypting speed of AIR.

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  1. // To save variable to ELS (EncryptedLocalStore)
  2. var str:String = "Bob";
  3. var bytes:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
  4. bytes.writeUTFBytes(str);
  5. EncryptedLocalStore.setItem("firstName", bytes);
  7. // Read it from ELS
  8. var storedValue:ByteArray = EncryptedLocalStore.getItem("firstName");
  9. trace(storedValue.readUTFBytes(storedValue.length)); // traces "Bob"
  11. // Remove it from ELS
  12. EncryptedLocalStore.removeItem("firstName");
  14. // Remove EVERY data from ELS
  15. EncryptedLocalStore.reset();

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