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Blood Type Drop Down List for a Web Form

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A list of blood types for an online form.

  1. <option>A Positive</option>
  2. <option>A Negative</option>
  3. <option>A Unknown</option>
  4. <option>B Positive</option>
  5. <option>B Negative</option>
  6. <option>B Unknown</option>
  7. <option>AB Positive</option>
  8. <option>AB Negative</option>
  9. <option>AB Unknown</option>
  10. <option>O Positive</option>
  11. <option>O Negative</option>
  12. <option>O Unknown</option>
  13. <option>Unknown</option>

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Posted By: vsync on January 30, 2008

where the hell is the VALUE attribute for each OPTION node ?? this is just hard work for people who want to copy-paste dude.

Posted By: daleyjem on March 8, 2008

I don't agree with that comment. you create your own values. if you don't want to do any work, than each option will take it's innerHTML as the value.

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