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scroll jquery easing

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Jquery Scroll to anchor tag on page

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You will want to include the jquery easing plugin:

Add a class of 'scroll' to any element that should slide to an anchor tag. You must give the anchor tag an id equal to the name.

  1. $(document).ready(function(){
  2. $(".scroll").click(function(event){
  3. //prevent the default action for the click event
  4. event.preventDefault();
  6. //get the full url - like mysitecom/index.htm#home
  7. var full_url = this.href;
  9. //split the url by # and get the anchor target name - home in mysitecom/index.htm#home
  10. var parts = full_url.split("#");
  11. var trgt = parts[1];
  13. //get the top offset of the target anchor
  14. var target_offset = $("#"+trgt).offset();
  15. var target_top =;
  17. //goto that anchor by setting the body scroll top to anchor top
  18. $('html, body').animate({scrollTop:target_top}, 2000, 'easeOutQuad');
  19. });
  20. });

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