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A very dynamic and flexible bash prompt. Personally I find this to have everything needed. It shows exit status, shortens itself for long directories, and shows bash history for easy referencing.

Hopefully it doesn't get messed up.

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  1. export MAX_PATH_LENGTH=25
  2. export PROMPT_COMMAND='PS1="\[\033[0;33m\][\!]\`if [[ \$? = "0" ]]; then echo "\\[\\033[32m\\]"; else echo "\\[\\033[31m\\]"; fi\`[\u.\h: \`if [[ `pwd|wc -c|tr -d " "` > $MAX_PATH_LENGTH ]]; then echo "\\W"; else echo "\\w"; fi\`]\$\[\033[0m\] "; echo -ne "\033]0;`hostname -s`:`pwd`\007"'

URL: http://blog.ubrio.us/osx/best-bash-prompt/

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