PHP/HTML/CSS - Script to scan a directoy recursively with filters and/or ingore list

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There seems to be many scan directory systems but I could not find one that works the way I needed. I added in functionality for a search filter and an ignore list. The search filter and ignore list can ignore by extension, file (case-sensitive file name), and directory. I also added in the ability to have a max depth for the scan.

The HTML and CSS that are in the script is to preview in the browser the output. If you scan a directory that is outside the webroot then the links will not be built properly. I did not care to resolve this issue as it was not a problem for me.

I tested the script in Strict mode and have no errors, warnings, or notices. Pasting this here for a few friends and the community. If you can improve the script, please let me know as I always enjoy learning new techniques.


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