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Undelete messages in thunderbird

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  1. Close thunderbird
  2. Run the line in a bash command line into the email account directory. (1)
  3. Move Inbox to a safe place.
  4. Rename Inbox.fixed to Inbox
  5. Delete Inbox.msf
  6. Start thunderbird


  1. sed -e '/^X-Mozilla-Status:/ { s/0008/0000/; s/0009/0001/; s/000a/0002/; s/000b/0003/; s/000d/0005/; s/000f/0007/; s/0018/0010/; s/0019/0011/; s/001a/0012/; s/001b/0013/; s/001f/0017/; s/1009/1001/; s/100b/1003/; s/1019/1011/; s/101b/1013/ }' Inbox > Inbox.fixed

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