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  1. (let ((L ()))
  2. (mapatoms
  3. (lambda (atom)
  4. (let ((name (symbol-name atom)))
  5. (if (and (boundp atom)
  6. (string-match "-\\(hooks?\\|functions\\)\\'" name)
  7. (not (string-match "-mode-hook" name))
  8. (not (string-match "\\`ange-ftp-" name))
  9. (not (string-match "\\`bookmark-" name))
  10. (not (string-match "\\`comint-" name))
  11. (not (string-match "\\`custom-" name))
  12. (not (string-match "\\`cl-" name))
  13. (not (string-match "\\`byte-compile-" name))
  14. (not (string-match "\\`Info-" name))
  15. (not (string-match "\\`calendar-" name))
  16. (not (string-match "\\`cperl-" name))
  17. (not (string-match "\\`eieio-" name))
  18. (not (string-match "\\`tramp-" name))
  19. (not (string-match "\\`vc-" name))
  20. (not (string-match "\\`speedbar-" name))
  21. (not (string-match "\\`semanticdb-" name))
  22. (not (string-match "\\`semantic-" name))
  23. (not (string-match "\\`elscreen-" name))
  24. (not (string-match "\\`org-" name))
  25. (not (string-match "\\`ediff-" name))
  26. (not (string-match "\\`w3m-" name))
  27. (not (string-match "\\`skk-" name))
  28. (not (string-match "\\`anything-" name))
  29. (not (string-match "\\`rmail-" name))
  30. (not (string-match "\\`dired-" name))
  31. (not (string-match "\\`url-" name))
  32. (not (string-match "\\`column-number-mode-" name))
  33. )
  34. (setq L (cons atom L))))))
  35. (dolist (a (sort L (lambda (a b) (string< (symbol-name a)(symbol-name b)))))
  36. (insert (format "%s\n" a)))
  37. (length L))

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