Update version number with Regular Expression using MSBuild

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This snippet replaces all three different version strings in file `verid.h` using regular expressions with the value of properties `$(Major)`, `%(Minor)`, `$(SP)` and `$(Build)` when the property `$(Label)` has value _true_.
To run this project you need MSBuild and the open source tasks library for MSBuild by [tigris.org](http://msbuildtasks.tigris.org/ "tigris.org").

Here is an example of file `verid.h`:

// File version
#define szVerId_IDS_VERSION "1.40 (00) - Build (26)"
#define szVerId_FILEVERSION ""
#define VerId_FILEVERSION 1,40,00,26

// Product version
#define szVerId_PRODUCTVERSION ""
#define VerId_PRODUCTVERSION 1,40,00,26

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