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A monkey-patch to activerecord to reconnect after it loses the connection to the mysql server

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  1. # Patch Mysql adapter so that it reconnects after discovering an lost connection error
  3. module ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters
  4. class MysqlAdapter
  5. alias :orig_execute :execute
  6. def execute(sql,name=nil)
  7. orig_execute(sql,name)
  8. rescue ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid => exception
  9. if LOST_CONNECTION_ERROR_MESSAGES.any? { |msg| exception.message. =~ /#{msg}/ }
  10. reconnect!
  11. retry
  12. else
  13. raise
  14. end
  15. end
  16. end
  17. end

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Posted By: fjfish on December 8, 2008

Just one thing:

You might want to try maybe 3 times and then pass the exception up anyway, if the database really has gone away this will sit there looping forever. Usually I also wait a second or so before retrying something like this, but this might not be that good an idea if you're trying to respond to an http request.

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