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NERDTree manual

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Basic shortcuts

  1. Here are the basics of how to use the plugin:
  3. Use the natural vim navigation keys hjkl to navigate the files.
  4. Press o to open the file in a new buffer or open/close directory.
  5. Press t to open the file in a new tab.
  6. Press i to open the file in a new horizontal split.
  7. Press s to open the file in a new vertical split.
  8. Press p to go to parent directory.
  9. Press r to refresh the current directory.
  10. All other keyboard shortcuts can be found by pressing ?. It will open a special help screen with the shortcut listings. Press ? again to get back to file tree.
  12. To close the plugin execute the :NERDTreeClose command.
  14. Typing :NERDTree and :NERDTreeClose all the time is really inconvenient. Therefore I have mapped the toggle command :NERDTreeToggle to the F2 key. This way I can quickly open and close Nerd Tree whenever I wish. You can also map it to F2 by putting map <F2> :NERDTreeToggle<CR> in your .vimrc file.

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