Add code to k2 page dependant upon extra field value 0/1

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  1. <?php /* we're using php comments to make sure it is commented completely! this is the code snippet to assign the extra fields array to the variable called $custom */ ?>
  3. <?php $custom = $this->item->extra_fields; ?>
  5. <?php /* this is the if statement to show a block of code only if the first custom field is not empty */ ?>
  7. <?php if(!empty($custom[0]->value)):?>
  9. This is the code or text to show only if the first custom field is not empty. To actually output the field in here, you would add it like this:
  11. <?php echo $custom[0]->value;?>
  12. <?php endif;?>
  14. <?php /* to make this work for any other field, just change the number in the [square brackets]. the first field in the group is 0, second is 1, third is 2, etc. */ ?>

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