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JSFL: Round the x and y values of any selected objects

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This code is pretty simple but massively useful. You can select any number of elements on the stage in Flash, then run this JSFL Command and it will round their x and y values to the nearest whole number. It's very handy when you want things to be on the whole pixel to prevent blurring or other wierdness.

  1. var curr_doc = fl.getDocumentDOM();
  3. for(i=0 ; i<curr_doc.selection.length ; i++ ) {
  4. curr_doc.selection[i].x = Math.round(curr_doc.selection[i].x);
  5. curr_doc.selection[i].y = Math.round(curr_doc.selection[i].y);
  7. }

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Posted By: smokin2008 on October 16, 2010

I tried adding this code to a jsfl and ran the jsfl from a document. i also added a trace at the end of the document before the closing parathesis - fl.trace(curr_doc.selection[i].x);

for which i get a 'undefined' error

but if it works, it will be great help to flash designers. thanks in advance

Posted By: jknight42 on August 13, 2011

Hi smokin2008, not sure if I understand your question exactly. Also, I realize I'm a little late responding. (like 10 months or so, apologies)

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