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Remove tracking script in Google search results

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A recent update to either Google's search results page or Firefox's Tab Mix Plus add-on has prevented a locked tab from opening links in a new tab. This Greasemonkey script removes the tracking code on the Google links that causes the problem. I don't understand what the incompatibility is though, since the tracking script just changes the href attribute at the last minute.

Based on a script at

  1. // ==UserScript==
  2. // @name Remove Google Tracking Script
  3. // @namespace
  4. // @description Removes tracking script in Google search result links
  5. // @include*
  6. // @include*
  7. // ==/UserScript==
  9. var rxp = /^.*?\{\s*return true;\s*}$/;
  10. function overwriteRwt()
  11. {
  12. if(rxp.test(unsafeWindow.rwt))
  13. setTimeout(overwriteRwt, 100);
  14. else
  15. unsafeWindow.rwt = function(){ return true; };
  16. }
  17. overwriteRwt();

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