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navigateToURL open a new window or EMAIL or with the communication between js

 / Published in: ActionScript 3


navigateToURL () will be used often, it can open a new browser window, the page can also interact with the JS:

  1. Open a new window:
  2. navigateToURL (new URLRequest ( “”, “_blank”);
  4. “_blank”: means the new window, you can also use “_self” to open the window and so on;
  5. Send email:
  6. navigateToURL (new URLRequest ( “mailto:”);
  8. Interaction with the js:
  10. * Direct the use of js: navigateToURL (new URLRequest ( “javascript: window.close ()”));
  11. * Call js function: navigateToURL (new URLRequest ( “javascript: MyJsFun (par. ..)”));

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