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  1. print '\033[1;30mGray like Ghost\033[1;m'
  2. print '\033[1;31mRed like Radish\033[1;m'
  3. print '\033[1;32mGreen like Grass\033[1;m'
  4. print '\033[1;33mYellow like Yolk\033[1;m'
  5. print '\033[1;34mBlue like Blood\033[1;m'
  6. print '\033[1;35mMagenta like Mimosa\033[1;m'
  7. print '\033[1;36mCyan like Caribbean\033[1;m'
  8. print '\033[1;37mWhite like Whipped Cream\033[1;m'
  9. print '\033[1;38mCrimson like Chianti\033[1;m'
  10. print '\033[1;41mHighlighted Red like Radish\033[1;m'
  11. print '\033[1;42mHighlighted Green like Grass\033[1;m'
  12. print '\033[1;43mHighlighted Brown like Bear\033[1;m'
  13. print '\033[1;44mHighlighted Blue like Blood\033[1;m'
  14. print '\033[1;45mHighlighted Magenta like Mimosa\033[1;m'
  15. print '\033[1;46mHighlighted Cyan like Caribbean\033[1;m'
  16. print '\033[1;47mHighlighted Gray like Ghost\033[1;m'
  17. print '\033[1;48mHighlighted Crimson like Chianti\033[1;m'


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