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Elite RssPortal

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Built a big news portal without human Elite RssPortal, FREE news portal software.

  1. Key points:
  3. It can fetch articles from RSS, and then thanslate or convert them into new articles.
  4. It can generate more than 1000 NEW articles every day automatically. What you shall do in only find the right RSS source, then let the Elite RssPortal[ do the left.
  5. Features:
  7. Support Microsoft/Google translation engine.
  8. Support all kinds of language, such as Russon, Japan, French, Chinese, etc.
  9. Support all kinds of charsets, such as ANSI, EUC_JP, UTF-8, Big5, etc.
  10. Support fetch articles automatically.
  11. Support extract article from a complex html page.
  12. Support customized templates.
  14. Details:
  16. Very small, less than 500 KB. save your space.
  17. Support customization, you can add ad to the software and earn lots of money.
  18. All articles are stored in database, thus it's very fast.
  19. Static URL, easy to be cached by search engine.
  20. Good admin tools, you can add RSS easily.
  21. Download:
  23. download the software | PAD file | Screen shot | Demo site 1 | Demo site 2
  25. Requirements:
  27. Need Mysql server 5.0 or above. Need PHP 4.2 or above.
  29. Installation:
  31. Unzipped it and upload to your web server. Then navigate to your web site and follow the web guidance.

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