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Magento 2 WhatsApp Share Cart Extension

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Magento 2 WhatsApp Share Cart extension by MageComp allows users to share Magento shopping cart with their loved ones using popular messaging app WhatsApp.

  1. Sharing is Caring and that's the reason why one happy customer brings another one. in this digital era, nowadays people are getting more intended to use smartphones day by day. More than 1 billion people over 180 countries are using WhatsApp. so, it is great opportunity to let your customers share a product they loved with their friends and family. Magento Whatsapp Share Cart extension by Magecomp allows your customers to share whole product cart easily with their loved ones. it also supports Bitly API for shortening a link and UTM tracking to analyze the traffic comes through WhatsApp Share Cart.
  3. Why choose MageComp’s Magento WhatsApp Share Cart:
  4. • You can enable/disable extension from store backend.
  5. • Choice to display WhatsApp cart button only in mobile devices.
  6. • You can set custom cart sharing message from backend.
  7. • Option to Set UTM tracking code in backend for traffic analysis.
  8. • Bitly Integration for shortening cart URL.
  9. • Ability to share cart to multiple WhatsApp contacts at same time.

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