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html Interview questions

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HTML Interview Questions

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What is HTML Write the Basic Structure of the HTML Template What is HTML5? What is Tags in Html Is All HTML tags are Written in a Pair? What are the List Types Available in HTML? How to Apply Hyperlink in an HTML Page How to change the font colour in the HTML page What is the attributes in HTML tag. Can we Modify the Attribute’s Value of the HTML tag Dynamically? What are Inline Elements and Block-level Elements in HTML HTML tag is used to display the data in the tabular form What is Semantic HTML? List of few New Semantic Elements introduced HTML5 Explain the layout of HTML? Use of a span tag? Give one example. Which Browser Supports the HTML5 What is the in the HTML5 What is the Canvas element in the HTML What is the Get and Post Method What is CSS Structure of the HTML Webpage Why Meta Tags are Used in HTML? Differentiate Between HTML and XHTML. What is the SVG element? Type of Video Formats are Supported by HTML5? Figure tag in HTML 5? Types of Heading does an HTML contain New features which were not in HTML but are added to HTML5 What is a Fieldset in HTML What is an Image Map in HTML Physical Tag and Logical Tag in HTML Difference Between a Tag and an Element in HTML? Difference Between DIV and SPAN in HTML?


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