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sql server Interview questions

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SQL Server Interview Questions

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What is SQL Server? What is Normalization Types of Normalization Used What is De-Normalization? What are the Two Authentication Modes in SQL Server? Can SQL servers linked to other servers? What is SQL server Agent? What is the standby server? Difference between clustered and non-clustered index How can you hide the SQL Server instances? How do you implement one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships while designing tables? Difference between Primary key and Unique key. What is a transaction and what are ACID properties? What are triggers? How many triggers you can have on a table What is the use of SCOPE_IDENTITY() function? What is a Prime Attribute? What are the Properties of a Transaction? What is a non-prime attribute? What is Atomicity? What is Consistency? What is Isolation? What is Durability? What is a DBMS Types of DBMS What is table and field in SQL? What are joins in SQL? Difference between CHAR and VARCHAR2 datatype in SQL? What is a Primary key What are Constraints? What is SQL Server Profiler Can do the following things with a SQL Server Profiler – What command is used to rename the database? Difference between abstract and interface? Difference between SQL and MySQL? What is a Foreign key? What do you mean by data integrity? Difference between clustered and non clustered index in SQL? Write a SQL query to display the current date? What is an Index? Explain different types of index Difference between DROP and TRUNCATE commands Difference Between Truncate and Delete in MSSQL What is a relationship? Types of relationships What is an entity? What is a conjunction table? What is a relational attribute? Which is the main third-party tool used in SQL Server? What are the Hotfixes and Patches in SQL Server? Define Magic Tables in SQL server? What is Bulkcopy in SQL? What is the use of =,==,=== operators? What is ISNULL() operator? What is the use of FOR Clause? What is the use of @@SPID? What do mean by XML Datatype? What is CLAUSE in SQL What are some control flow statements in SQL?


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