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javascript Interview questions

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JavaScript interview questions

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What is JavaScript? Data types supported by JavaScript? What are the features of JavaScript? Is JavaScript a case-sensitive language? Advantages of JavaScript. Disadvantages of JavaScript. How can you create an object in JavaScript? How can you create an Array in JavaScript? Define a named function in JavaScript. What is the use of isNaN function? Which is faster avaScript or ASP script Which company developed JavaScript? Define Anonymous Function Define closure. Difference between JavaScript and JScript? How to use external JavaScript file? What is BOM? Use of Window Object? How to Create a Function in JavaScript? What is the difference between == and ===? What are the scopes of a variable in JavaScript? What is the Purpose of ‘This’ Operator in JavaScript? What is Callback? Ways to define a variable in JavaScript? What is a Prompt Box? Difference between ViewState and SessionState? How to Read and Write a File Using JavaScript? How to Write HTML Code Dynamically Using JavaScript? How to Write Normal Text Code Using JavaScript Dynamically? How to Create an Array in JavaScript? Difference Between Client side JavaScript and Server side JavaScript? Real Name of JavaScript? What is a Typed language? Difference between Local storage & Session storage? Difference between null & undefined? What are all the looping structures in JavaScript? What is called Variable typing in Javascript? What is the function of delete operator?


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