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Ruby | puts

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  • The puts command (short for "put string") will write a string of alphanumerical characters to the output.
  • The puts command always includes a non-printing carriage return control character at the end.
  • The carriage return ensures that each string is written to the output in its own single, separate line.
  • The puts command will accept any string as long as the string is in quotes.
  • puts accepts single quotes ('') and double quotes ("").
  • There is an important difference between a string enclosed in single quotes and a string enclosed in double quotes.
  • A string enclosed single quotes ('') will be written to the output statically by the puts command exactly as the string input appears.
  • A string enclosed in double quotes will allow for "string interpolation" and escape characters (e.g. \n [newline], \t [tab], \nnn [ASCII/octal digits], \xnn [ASCII/hexadecimal digits]).
  • String interpolation is the evaluation and integration of dynamic values within a string. A dynamic value is value that is independent of the string and that can change at the runtime that the puts command is executed.
  1. puts "Hello, world!"

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