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wordpress mobile app for builder

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Build an app for Wordpress website in two easy steps at AppMySite

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Businesses and publishers who have Wordpress websites can easily create an app for their mobile users by using a mobile app builder for wordpress.

With web platforms like AppMySite (AMS), making native apps for mobile phones can be done without coding in two simple steps:

  1. Choose app platforms and plan You can choose which platform you wish to develop the website for. The most popular platforms are Android and iOS. With AppMySite’s monthly and yearly plans, you can build apps for one or both of these platforms. Their plans are cheaper than most DIY app websites.

  2. Provide website URL After you have subscribed to a suitable platform, all you have to do is provide your website’s URL. After this you’ll receive a tested website from AMS to review. No need to follow up.

How AppMySite team makes the Wordpress website based app for you: 1. Extract data from your website Once you have provided your website’s URL to AMS, they extract all relevant data, forms, graphics, etc. from your website to sync with your app.

  1. Develop native app They develop a native app for you with an intuitive UI. The app works in perfect sync with your website, i.e. any change you make to the website’s content is automatically reflected in your app, too.

  2. Test app After development, AMS team tests the app thoroughly. You do not have to engage expensive resources in hiring or managing a team to test your app. After testing, the app is sent to you for review and feedback.

  3. Publish app on app play stores After approval of the app, AMS team publishes the app on all the relevant app stores. You do not have to create an app developer account or maintain it over time.

In the above manner you can easily develop a Wordpress app for your existing website. All you need to do is take the first two steps and then let the AMS team to create an app for you in a few weeks.

You do not need to follow up on anything, as AMS’ mobile app builder for wordpress works systematically and efficiently to create an effective app for you in a very short period of time, saving your time, effort and money.

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