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sexy Sex doll

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Sarah is the realistic sex doll of your dream with a perfect body

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  1. Meet the Black BBW realistic sex doll, Sarah. Her alluring face and strikingly gorgeous eyes command your attention, anywhere she goes. Made with high-quality silicone material, this sex doll is free from any scratch or blemish and represents one of the best works by the renowned DS Dolls Company.
  4. Sarah is the realistic sex doll of your dream with a perfect body, cute face, palm-size breasts, and a tight ass for you to penetrate.
  7. Having worked at a wellness Spa in the city as a masseuse for close to two years now, Lori is looking to move on to something else. Asked what her plans are, she takes some time before proceeding with “I’m not sure of my next destination, but I wouldn’t mind being a private masseuse to my hard-working man.”
  10. Imagine coming home after a long and tiresome day at work to meet Lori waiting for you on the couch wearing a sexy white T-shirt and tights ready to massage the fatigue away. Being a professional, you can be sure that the massage will always be the best.
  13. Lori will gladly rub her enormous soft boobs against your back, and when things get hot, she’ll squeeze your already hard weapon against her breasts.
  16. You like the sound of that. Don’t you? Enjoy the site of her pair of breasts jiggling as you pound her as well.

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