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Many people doubted that sex dolls were going to become popular

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  1. Many people doubted that sex dolls were going to become popular and many buyers are still afraid to buy them because they feel that these products are still something taboo. The reality is that our dolls have been hitting the screen and the newspapers recently and even the adult movie industry is interested, so know you can see our dolls in some movie productions.
  4. The sex doll industry has gone through one of the most vigorous transformations that we have seen. The billion-dollar industry moved from a mere business producing human rubber imitations to a diverse trade focused on delivering dolls with AI personalities. Previously, the sex dolls were simple inflatable rubber beings that were associated with minimal sexual pleasure.
  6. One of our doll torsos was recently featured in a production from Stoney Curtis with the famous porn actress Nina Elle for the adult studio Lethal Hardcore. The movie is called "My Stepsister Is A Smoking Hot MILF 6" and in it, there is a scene where Nina Elle caught her step bro fucking a doll, and she didn't get mad, she got horny!
  9. we have lowered our prices and our profits to make the realistic sex dolls more affordable.
  12. With professional services, excellent quality, J-suntech® have earned lots of positive feedback.
  15. Don’t hesitate to bend her over as she seeks support from the stair rails. Pound her hard from behind which is her favorite position and make her shed a tear (tears of joy, of course!). This BBW Black sex doll enjoys random sex.

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