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DreamLife Recovery

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Address : 212 Snyder Road, Donegal, Pennsylvania 15628

Phone : +1 833-330-5433

Among facilities offering drug rehab DreamLife Recovery is truly designed to fit your needs. We use evidence-based practices at our rehab centers including medication-assisted treatment during detox and comprehensive aftercare to provide ongoing support throughout treatment. Our comprehensive rehab centers include all levels of care so clients don’t need to look anywhere else to complete their personal treatment program. Clients may start their day with guided meditation followed by a gourmet breakfast and individual or group therapy. Afternoons may include fresh air with one of many adventure therapy options. After dinner, we frequently encourage winding down in our aqua lounge facilities or the professional gym. Contact DreamLife Recovery today if you’re looking for a state-of-the-art drug rehab and ready to make the change.


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