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  1. Assassins aren't the best form of waveclear because their principal AoE abilities have moderate cooling, and that means you are going to have to use basic strikes most of the time and sometimes make certain AoE skills maplestory2 mesos reach all mobs.Berserker is the most powerful hand-to-hand combat class. This class is very difficult to play since being with higher level enemies in battle can be suicide. Because of this, having good equipment and playing intelligently is crucial for berserkers.
  5. Runeblade is the type of Maplestory 2. This course infuses its sword with ice, fire and lightning to do decimation attacks. Since this hero can hit from anywhere, runeblade is extremely simple to play. The runeblades replenish 20 SP / sec and move.Knight is a class based on natural defense that has and its allies. This class is proven to have extremely large protection at the cost of <a href="">update</a> harm and mobility and potential for crowd control.
  9. Archer is a class that is often overlooked. Archers have excellent mobility, range and damage, but require great skill and expensive equipment to be equal to other courses in terms of PvP and PvM.Priest is a course based service that concentrates on treating themselves and their allies. Priest isn't encouraged.It's finally happening! Nexon has announced that Maplestory 2 is heading to the west.
  13. Yesterday the statement was made and Maplestory 2 Items comes along with a trailer and the information that shut beta testing is set to <a href="">Maplestory 2 Mesos</a> begin on May 9th. A sparkling new site is ready to take registrations and supply more information too.The testing period will begin May 9th and sign ups for CBT are open through May 6th and run through May 16th. Whether using a sword or bow, a staff or wand, a greatsword almost as large as you are or the finest stiletto,

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