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  1. Meanwhile, a lot of things were happening in and about the game. The humble cart introduced the idea of vehicles to Fortnite, Epic announced plans to get a Fortnite World Cup in 2019, and also a celebrity-filled E3 championship proved to be the perfect showcase for the match. Its prevalence only continued to grow. Fortnite hit 125 million players from June, while previous frontrunner PUBG -- that finally dropped its lawsuit -- made its own version of the battle pass.
  5. June also saw the initial one-time event in Fortnite, where millions of gamers assembled in-game to see a rocket launch that cracked the skies. (Well, a few of these saw. Others were murdered while attempting to capture a glimpse)The summer was comparatively quiet. Season 5 also debuted with a continued focus on automobiles by introducing golf karts, as well as radically altering the island with a massive desert location.
  9. Meanwhile, the Fortnite celebrated its first birthday, and also the aggressive"summer skirmish" series showed that Epic still had a long way buy mesos ms2 to go to make Fortnite into a proper e-sport.In August, the game finally made its way into Android, however, the launch did not go exactly as anticipated. On top of this, the match was a Samsung exclusive in launch, though it was not long before it came to additional Android apparatus as well.
  13. Toward the end of the month, Fortnite's island had been plagued by a lightning storm, which ultimately birthed one of the game's great mysteries: a giant purple cube.In late September, Fortnite celebrated the one-year anniversary of its own battle royale style, as its first season tournament circuit came to Maplestory2 Items a close. The Summer Skirmish series has been plagued with ancient issues and took quite some time to <a href="">update</a> locate its footing, but it was finally transformed into a cohesive, well-formulated aggressive series which featured a nail-biting closing at PAX West in Seattle.

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