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Best place to buy Fortnite Materials on mmogo

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  1. If that you don't have any interest in <a href="">Fortnite Items</a> checking out the Fortnite Stone Heads and only want the remedy for this week's challenge, here you go.Will knowledge of where the Stone Heads are situated and where they're searching, you simply draw lines from each of the Fortnite Stone Heads towards the middle of the map, and you'll have your solution in the place where they cross. We went ahead and did the math for you.
  5. The remedy is situated just outside Salty Springs. You will need to go to Salty Springs and then go just southwest of the location.You can see the exact place in our screenshots, but your destination will be the massive hill just southwest of Salty Springs. Use some stairs to construct yourself a path up on top of the mountain. While you're doing so, make sure to keep an eye on your environment, as there is sure to be a slew of people seeking to finish this challenge.
  9. Once you've made it on the top, you will want to fortnite materials for sale head into the exact middle of the mountain as seen previously. This may take a moment of hunting because the key Battle Star concealed on the hill doesn't appear until you are directly right in front of it. Once it has, interact with it, and you're going to have accumulated the reward for this particular week six hard challenge.
  13. The reward you receive for the search in which the Fortnite Stone Heads are looking challenge is a straightforward but worth it if you're attempting to reach tier 100 for this season's Battle Pass. The reward for finishing this weekly challenge is a whopping 10 Battle Stars, that is more than most challenges, which usually only give five. 10 Battle Stars is sufficient to jump you an entire tier level, so don't miss out.

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