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  1. He has appeared on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. Target is now selling his tops. He's omnipresent across all forms of media these days. Like, that is what happens when you're the most popular man in your field, and that I would not expect Ninja to turn down any of these opportunities he could not have even dreamed of one year ago.I've been following Ninja's career carefully annually and the only major"controversies"
  5. I can also remember at this point are him raging at some enemy players from time to time, which is bound to occur when you flow 80+ hours of Fortnite a week, along with some weird thing where he explained that he does not flow with women because his Twitch audience would"boat" him and whomever he played with and that isn't something that he wants to introduce to his marriage.
  9. This week, some streamers were angry Ninja NYE Twitch ads were running in their streams, boosting a"rival." Yawn.Generally, I've seen Ninja because a hugely positive influence in gaming and a fantastic ambassador for streaming/esports into the broader public, as parents watch in awe/horror because their kids dye their hair and don blue hoodies. In an industry filled with much more suspicious influencers, Ninja is one of the tamest and most well equipped to be the face of professional streaming and gambling. Best online shop to buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos for all servers on MMOGO.COM
  13. Epic Accidentally Leaks Its Own Holiday 'Fortnite' Skin EarlySomething has changed about Fortnite escapes the last few weeks, as there are barely any. There is an whole industry of clever high school kids digging through patch updates to attempt to locate leaked makeup, but those escapes have shrunk to a trickle as Maplestory M Mesos Epic is placing super encryption on top of many of its skins. For the very first time in several seasons, the first time we have seen skins such as Krampus or Glimmer was when they first arrived in the store, and it is a switch.
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