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10 Tips for preparing a successful Business Creation Project in the Executive MBA

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Any MBA or postgraduate study requires the completion of a final Master's project in which the student can demonstrate their worth through the knowledge learned during the training period. In the case of the Executive MBA of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, this is also true and there are many future MBA graduates who ask how to do the Project easily and efficiently.

As we know that it is a long and tedious task we have decided to help all of them by compiling 10 tips that we suggest in the preparation of the Master's thesis of the Executive MBA of the Chamber of Seville . You can read them below.


To carry out a Final Master Project, which is always carried out in work teams, which will surprise your teachers and colleagues, we make ten recommendations:

  1. The choice of the sector and the project.

Choosing the project sector is the most interesting stage for the student, which should focus on issues related to their professional profile, interests and experience.

We must be clear about the sector of the Master MBA Sevilla project, in order to decide later on what the concrete project we want to develop will be. The totality of the subjects that are studied in the Seville MBA are of great relevance to carry out the project successfully, but we recommend that the subject be interesting and motivating for the student, which will influence the motivation and learning in the development process of the same.

It is important to consult with the teachers of the Master to obtain advice about the viability of the Master project for this subject or sector. It can be a good point to know how to approach it from the beginning or to tell them the general idea to get some feedback.

  1. The definition of objectives.

Once the student is clear about the sector and the theme of their project, it is time to recognize that the main objective of the Master's thesis, in the case of the Executive MBA of the Chamber of Seville, is to prepare a Business Creation Project , along with other colleagues of the Master, that allows us to understand the importance of each area within the company and learn to make the right decisions. The student has to put himself in the shoes of a manager before the different situations that will arise during his Project.

  1. Planning: research, analysis and documentation

The student must prepare a calendar to plan the different tasks and phases that will be carried out throughout the time that the Master's thesis ends for the Executive MBA of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville.

For this, it is important to search for information, research, data analysis and the corresponding planning. In the research process, the student collects as much information and documentation as possible about the sector, competitors, customers, etc.

  1. Choice of structure

Any final Master project must have a structure that brings together the different areas of the company , among other things. The student must mark a structure from the beginning and follow it to take his Project in an orderly and correctly planned manner.

The Academic Department proposes a structure , which includes the main areas of the company: Company Strategy, Market Study, Marketing Plan, Operations Plan, Human Resources Plan and Financial Plan. The monitoring of the proposed structure or the generation of a new structure is left to the students' choice, as long as they justify the change for reasons of content, methodology or exposure.

  1. Analysis of the subject: introduction, analysis of the sector, fundamentals, why it is interesting ...

It is essential to start the Project with a powerful introduction that is able to attract the attention of both peers and teachers who will evaluate the final work. The introduction must state in a precise and concise way the points of the structure that the work will have. We must ask ourselves what is the reason for the unmet need that we find in the market and that justifies the realization of the Master MBA Seville project.

From the introduction, the subject should be developed in an orderly and simple manner so that it is interesting for the recipients of it. To do it correctly, the sector should be studied and the most important proposals should be developed that will affect the main activity of the Project company in the short, medium and long term.

  1. Development and writing of the project.

With all the previous ideas clear, and after making the corresponding analysis and data structuring , it is time to move on to the development of the final MBA Master project of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville. The best recommendation that can be made is to expose and develop all the points of the project with the data that has been collected. Once this is done, all the data must be presented objectively and in the most professional way possible.

The Project must present only objective results and show the application of the concepts and knowledge that students have acquired during the course.

  1. Final conclusions.

Every Project must have some conclusions and these should be clear enough. The first thing: we must make clear how the company will act in the different areas and the financial repercussions that it will have. Our work should be reflected in the Financial Plan , which will indicate if the Executive MBA Project of the Chamber of Commerce Sevilla is likely to be a profitable project and in what estimated amounts.

For this it is important to avoid the detours and analyze all the areas of the created company, to determine how the different business techniques used have been applied.

  1. Sources of information.

In our Project of Creation of Company must be present all the places and the sources of information that have been necessary and have been used to be able to carry out the work.

  1. Preparation of the oral presentation.

The development of the work is important but the oral presentation will be its presentation , so it must be precise, persuasive and realistic. The members of the group that have been part of the Project must be coordinated and be coherent with each other.

The final presentation of the Master MBA Seville Final Project takes place in work groups, so it is essential to carry out group presentation tests, coordinating all the members so that all the members are blended.

It is time to demonstrate what you have learned and what you have been able to do.

  1. Exhibition and end of the Master's final project

The defense of the Project will last a maximum of 30 minutes and must include the oral presentation and additional specific material that serves to understand the project in the best possible way: tables, graphs, infographics, calculations and everything related to the activity of the company projected

Finally, we recommend you to be calm the day of the presentation. If the student follows all these basic stages and has followed the Master with attention and dedication, he will have no problem in overcoming the Project of Creation of Company .


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