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Improve search quality & Speed up your store with Elastic Search Magento 2

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Searching a product in the Magento store can be a big pain for the customers specially when products are listed in a huge amount, this is a reason that most of the customers quit their online shopping. Hence, if you can help your customer search product fast also means you get more chances to gain customers’ sympathy. Thus, Elastic Search Magento 2 is exactly a must-have tool for your eCommerce business. Ability to display search results of products, categories, CMS page or Blog (compatible with Blog for Magento 2 extension) Ability to adjust number of search results in drop-down list Admin is able to turn the function on/ off and re-arrange the position of each section in drop-down list Lightning speed search by Ajax without re-loading page

Well coded, no negative performance impact on your site. Tested also on mobile and tablet devices.

Easy to install and edit, no programming skills needed. Works also when full-page cache is enabled.

Elastic Search Magento 2 y Magesolution is good solution for you to leverage the power of elastic-search.


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