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How to fix an AVG antivirus that is stuck in passive mode?

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AVG is often seen stuck in the passive mode in order to pull it out of that one needs to uninstall the antivirus using the removal tool for that get the toll downloaded run the file click’’ continue’’ select the product of AVG that is to be uninstalled and then click ‘’remove’’ then click ‘’restart’’ click’’ run’’ on the dialogue box that appears after the restart in order to complete the removing process then restart your system.  After uninstalling conduct the repair for that go to ‘’start then go to ‘’control panel’’ then open programs and go to’’ programs and features ‘’from there click ‘’add or remove program ‘’then select AVG from the list click change or remove ‘’button then select ‘’repair’’ follow instructions on screen and then restart the system. The issue will be resolved the antivirus will be back to normal working.   


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