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Free Store Locator Magento 2

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Free Store Locator Magento 2 which really drive good traffic to our website. Your customers will experience the fastest store searching with the most realistic appearance of the physical shops. This extension allows you to display physical store location in your e-store. You can integrate the Google Maps in Magento 2 store and add extra information like address, contact info, zip code, etc. Also customers can easily locate the nearest physical store..

free store locator magento 2Search stores by country, state/ province, city & zip code and search stores by distance View full stores list with custom pin icon on Google map Switch view mode seamlessly between map and satellite View detail store with store information and store on map For Admin Add all needed store information such as address, contact info, website, tags, images etc Set store’s open times & days off flexible Enter address or latitude and longitude to get the location on map or click on map to choose location Store Locator Magento 2 allow you show StoreLocator link on top links or not and Change the title of top link


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